- Texas & Tennessee

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March 9, 2016Fixed by leon_s 


It was Texas, it was Tennessee
It was what I had come into me
You were unlike anything before
Black magic, devil killer, I was yours
It was the early days of rock 'n roll
It was Otis, it was Memphis soul
It was a plane crash, it was overnight
It was burnin' fast and burnin' bright

Baby, don't you talk no more, that looks is loud enough
You don't have to tell me how it feels not to be in love
You see, that was my oldest game, darlin', it was my claim to fame
And I knew that when I met you, all that you would need is more than what I got
Oh, so baby, please just stop

It was Texas, it was Tennessee
It was exes and some wannabes
It was reckless, it was understood
It didn't matter cuz it felt so good
And I'll still be here if you change your mind
But I can see the leaving in your eyes
Don't want to hear it, cuz I know it well
I've said it all before to someone else

It was Texas, it was Tennessee
A kind of love a-closer kin to grief
It was everything that I could want
But California came and took it all

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