May 17, 2016


Close your sleepy eyes, my little buckaroo
While the light of western skies shines down on you
It's time to rest another day is through
So go to sleep, my little buckaroo
Yippee Yi Yo
Yippee Yi Yay
There are no more songs left to play
A mighty tree from a little acorn grew
And even Buffalo Bill was a kid once too
Don't you know it's time you're rounding up a dream or two
So go to sleep my little buckaroo (Chorus)
When I grow old and my songs have been sung
And I can't grow older and I can't grow young
Do me a favor before sayin' goodbye
And sing me the last lullaby (Chorus)
Move em out, move em in
Every story has to end
But some stay in your heart
They go round and round
They get lost and then found
‘Cause the end is just another place to start

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