November 12, 2015


There's truth out there but I can't seem to find it
I'm drunk, I'm stoned, I may be misguided
The bible says be still, his voice is quiet
The coward I am, I raise my fist in riot
Singing songs to keep my head from spinning
But in turn it spins and spins and spins
There is a love with no end or beginning
There is a flower without a thorn
Everything's better
I've never been better
Last night I spoke with God
He remembered the things I forgot
Everyone has their shit
He plead his case
Hugged my neck and kissed my face
Out of the black and out of the white
Some things that are wrong can't be right
Here in the greys where he exists
I guess we all have our shit
Everything's worse
I never been worse
I never been worse
I wish I never been

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