- We Are Hammercult

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November 12, 2015


Bonfires burning bright
We'll kick some ass tonight
Fists pumping for the sound
The thunder shakes the ground
Warriors ready for the fight
You better hold on tight
Hammer signs reveals the sight
It's time to hit the lights

Poser hunting, brutalizing, in the pit they die
Feel it rush through, metalize you, none shall defy

Upon the anvil lies terror in disguise
From hatred and despise the hammer will arise
We are Hammercult

Spreading metal, raging war
You hear the warriors' roar
The rhythm shreds the mist around
Now feel the hammer's pound
Engines ready to ignite
You better hold on tight
Heed the calling, hear the sound
The thunder shakes the ground

We are the scum, in hell we reign
We are the scorn, where darkness dwells
Now take the oath and raise the horn
We are the cult - it's time to be reborn

We'll cut you down

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