- Four Simple Words

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April 4, 2016Fixed by thyhendrix 


Because we're all so very 21st century,
You're probably listening to me on some kind of portable stereo.
Maybe you're sitting on the back of the bus,
Or it's running up your sleeve and you're across from your boss,
Or you're sitting in your bedroom on your own with the lights down low.

I'd like to teach you four simple words,
So the next time you come to a show,
You could sing those words back at me,
Like they're the only ones that you know.

I want to dance
I want to dance
I want lust and love and a smattering of romance.
But I'm no good at dancing,
And yet I have to do something,
Tonight I'm gonna play it straight I'm gonna take my chance,
I want to dance

Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho.
We're heading out to the punk rock show.
Colleagues and friends condescend with a smile,
But this is my culture man this is my home.

The dark huddled masses gather 'round the gate,
Yeah, the doors are at seven and the show starts at eight,
A few precious hours in a space of our own,
And when the band comes on the only thing that I know.


Yeah is anybody else sick of the music that's churned out by lackluster scenesters from Shoreditch,
Yeah, it's all sex, drugs and sins,
Like they're extras from Skins.
But it's okay because they don't really mean it
I want bands who have to work for their keep
Drove 1, 000 miles and play the show on no sleep
Sleeping on the floor of a stranger's place
Hungry just to do it all again the next day


So put your hands on your hips
And bring your knees in tight
Yeah we do this shit together man
No fists, no fights
We're not trying to shape the world
So people think like us
We just want our own space to dance man
No favours, no fuss

Yeah blood, sweat and ________
We're gonna build ourselves a house
If the roof is on fire
Then we're gonna put it out
Forget about your bitching and remember that you're blessed
Punk is for the kids who never fit in with the rest
Somebody told me that music with guitars was going out of fashion and I had to laugh
This shit wasn't fashionable when I fell in love
If the hipsters move on why should I give a fuck?


I want to dance, I want to dance
I want you and me both to drop hips and make a friend
So the next time I see you
Remember these words so
I'll sing like the barricades are down and we'll dance like no one's around
Singing four simple words.

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