- Cherokee

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December 1, 2015


I guess I got a taste for poison
I've given up on ever bein well
I keep mindin the horizon
Diggin for lies I have yet to tell
And I wish you were here
And softly say my name
Calm down all the chemicals tearin through my brain
I don't think I've missed you this much
Since I was seventeen
I'd call you in the morning, but I think this is a dream
Well you'd call those doubts right out of me
I see you shinin through the tree tops,
but don't feel you pulling strings anymore
I still use your old alarm clock
Every mornin I get further off the course.
And don't I hear you speakin in the noises in this house
Airplanes flyin over, shakin all my secrets out
Darlin tell me somethin that I don't already know
I'm aware of where to find ya it hurts too bad to go
To Cherokee
Well, you call those doubts right out of me
It felt like the world was burnin
You had stars in your eyes
Shinin for a feelin that I can't afford to buy
Everything you taught me still rattles in my head
I'm stayin off of Main Street,
you're talking to the dead
In Cherokee
I wish you'd call these doubts right out of me

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