- House of Love

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November 12, 2015


I left a part a me to get a part of you
Jah knows how was hard for me to do it for you
But I'm a lover Oh Baby I'm a wild lover
I got deep stories dem afi come true
Like spend time to do me ting fine you know
But me alive when me stand by you
girl me afi come back to you
Show me your love everyday show me that love we a share make you feel fine
Give me a brighter day Oh baby come down tonight

Give me some love we gonna build a house of love tonight

Every man need a woman yes we all need a woman and a woman need a man indeed
No matter the weather your soul need another and your fellow man need someone to feed
Oh me a big up you girl women you're my doctor when tings ago bad
Gyal u heal up me stress and to keep your body fit me go do my best
You do it proper don't be shy Love is a gift disya nature provide girl let me give you some flavors
One more time cause I really wanna know how to follow your line

Give me some love, we gonna build a house of love tonight

Baby you're with a reggae Dj no matter what they say you're still the one fi the I
Every day you bounce on my way and I know you like it me a only night gyalist
Don't say me got no pity cause you're still my queen at the same time we are free
Every day me no need no gyal, she no need no man that's official we gonna build
We gonna stick together one more time we a build it together
Yes me gyal we just stick together don't you know me a de buildin masta

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