- Almost Persuaded

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November 14, 2015


(Billy Sherrill - Glenn Sutton)

Last night, all alone in a barroom
I met a girl with a drink in her hand
She had ruby red lips and coal black hair
And a smile that would tempt any man.

Then she came and sat down at my table
And as she placed her soft hands on mine
I found myself wanting to kiss her
For temptation was flowing like wine.

And I was almost persuaded
To strip myself of my pride
Almost persuaded
To push my conscience aside.

Then we danced and she whispered
I need you take me away from here and be my man
Then I looked into her eyes and I saw it
The reflection of my wedding band.

And I was almost persuaded
To let strange lips lead me on
Almost persuaded but your sweet love
Made me stop and go home...

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