- Nothing Hill

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November 12, 2015


You are the weakest link between you and your dreams
you are running round is leaving more and more sense to redeem
they said that when you get older you'll see what it means
but the more you understand the more you wanna scream
you had it all figured out so many times in your head
that as the years go by its only left you dead
you could try to make a difference instead of staring at the moon
but as soon as you go out there will be something to consume
you were searching for the truth but then you started to slip
and the only thing you learned is that you don't know shit
this thing called peace of mind is nowhere to be found
and you've been running so far and that you're having trouble slowing down
I could do anything I want believe me I tried
but when they tell you to adapt I just don't see the reason why
as the world outside just makes me wanna go beserk
people now is the time for us to crawl out of the earth

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