- Never Never Land

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November 12, 2015


You're like drugs
You're like matches
You're an icy patch of road
and I cannot get control

Your written word duly matched my wit
The distance closed, I can't deal with it
What's wrong with me?
When did I become cheap?

"I can't find love in a small town, the cold midwest, or on sinful ground
My soul says, 'Fall with the rockslide,'
but my head says, 'Stop, you will bow with pride.'"

Go, go...
I can't say no
And don't slow down
If the drip isn't worth the squeeze,
make yourself scarce at the next strong breeze
They're tainted goods
You got out fast like I knew you would

I've hallowed your pressing presence
in the absence of your essence

Now brush away the face you've seen;
the starry eyes, the vibrant gleam
You're shrewd to walk away
The days that I can't see are the days that we can breathe
I trip on a thickened tongue,
but I really mean everything

Just shine
Stop on a dime
Cross the straying straight line
Give a good look behind
You'll find me

If I can't get up,
then we could stay up tonight
If I can't get up,
then we can stay up tonight

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