November 12, 2015


How to produce a club track today
Just follow the instructions
and you'll be an electronic music producer in no time
Step number one
Open your cracked software
and import a random loop
Like this
Now you need a Phat Ass Drop
Phat ass drop
Here comes the clap
Phat Ass Drop
Military drums
Don't forget some wobbles
Now and then, use a crash
Snare drums, can't get enough
Now we need some phat distorsion
More distorsion
I said more distorsion
Time for another Phat Ass Drop
Make some noise with stadium horns
Take out the bass drum
Break down
Hi hats
Now it's the time for a break
Stop the beat
Hit some keys
and call it melody
Now add some vocal cuts
Like this
And one more Phat Ass Drop
Military drums

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