November 12, 2015


We were made out of lightning
Sufferin' pain we should see by now
And we were burnt down like Catholics
On a winter road, never so cold

And I abandon my family
In a fit of rage, in a fit of want for you
Cause there's nothing else to do when you're confused
When you're confused

You coddle, and you're cat-like
I am scared
Your bald tongue, your right hand, your last piece
And I never really knew, who'd you see
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay

Now I, I keep it inside of me
Hoping you one day will let me go
It's the end, it's nothing I ended
So grab your arms, and dive into the night, into the night

I am not your savior
I'm just a friend keeping you alive
And eye sight proves that you're haunted
The same way that you speak all the time

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