- Dark Poet

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February 25, 2016


I could see you dance
In the middle of the room
To my heart
Your body moving
A reflection of your soul

I was alone
I was tired of this place
Of this life
And there you were
Like a remedy for my pain

You were so alone
A heart of stone they said
They couldn't be more wrong
They just couldn't be more wrong

Your voice is fading
In the echoes of a song you once sang
Tired and lonely
Yet so strong
That it makes me cry

Shout out load dark poet full of side
The time has come for them to save you
Trespassing through time if they could save you
Knowledge is a crime and I shall save you
Make your words live on and on and on and on
On and on

I could see you dance
In the middle of my room
To my heart

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