April 6, 2016


Brothers and Sisters lend me your ear
Be of good courage, be of good cheer
I hope you find comfort in these words I say

His perfect love is on you today (repeat)

If there is sunshine or if there is rain
If your poor heart is filled up with pain
Lift your hands to heaven and proudly proclaim

God so loved that world that he gave his only son (yes he did, yes he did, yes he did)
The son gave his life so we would know just how he loved us so (he loves you)

If you are broken, lost your way
His mighty forgiveness calling your name
The blood that he shed has pleaded your case

God is on our side why should we be afraid (why should we be afraid)
His perfect love his perfect love will cast all fear away (he loves you)

His perfect love is on you today 2x
His Perfect love Is on me today 2x

Something about the love of Jesus (You know I cant stop thinking about it)
I was lost it came and rescued me rescued me
Lifts me up when I am feeling low (And you need to know)
Im glad about it, and Im glad about it (Glad)

Perfect perfect perfect perfect Perfect
His love is perfect, perfect
His love is so perfect
How he loves you how he loves me
How he loves you
How he loves
You and me, you and me

Something about the love of Jesus (repeat 3x)
And I'm glad about it
And I'm Glad about it (

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