November 12, 2015


Spineless felons no means grief stricken and crushed dreams
Inflated egos mindless fiends
crumbling pillars and rotting beams.


The product of a broken culture
driven by a consuming greed.
Our only purpose is to acquire
all these things we do not need.

The human race
a malignant disease
bringing earth to its knees.
Antennas and towers in place of the trees
of the trees.

We are the reason entire species
have gone extinct.
The reason some people have nothing to
eat or drink.
It's time to make a change before it's all to fucking late.
It seems we were born
to destroy as much as we were to create.

A product of a broken culture
Extinction lies in our hands (in our hands)
The sands of time are progressively falling
We are the fucking disease.
We all live in corruption
we feast until we bleed.
Harvesting the death of our land.
We are the annihilation of man.

Nations of fools
Generations dumbed down in schools
Billions enslaved money rules
Billions enslaved money rules.

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