November 12, 2015


I'm going to punch you square in the face.

I'm a kid at heart, and my heart is my kid.
With the heart of a lion, one of Judah that is.
So you can hear the roar, up under the vest.
Every step is a battle, and every battle's a step.
So bang bang to Bangkok, I can't stop.
This thing ain't about me so you can't knock.
But I own the hate as I promote Him,
Cuz everyone that hears it is also my opponent.
Wow, if you thinking the kid is soft,
I'm dumbfounded.
Homie I'll take a walk around the jungle and just smile.
I ain't packing or banging,
Or having no gunpowder.
No shells no spraying,
But I shower under the blood cuz I'm sick.
I'm no coward,
I don't fear no man so there's nothing to back down.
So when I stand up,

Its best you stand down.

Promise he'll get you and your whole click to bow down

Papi get em...

Don't ask me if I got Gorillaz
Or about my dollar billaz
They not my idols
But the team we got glass trigger.
So ch-chilla.
Cuz I'm like the Reeboks, adidas, Nikes and Filas,
Yup you want to be us.
I'm laughing at you suckers,
Want to hit them high like a Dunkin at the (Ruckers?)
Maybe in 95,
Or maybe in 94.
I was only pushing,
Something banging out the doors.
Beats that is.
I pawn them out,
Like we in the meat section.
She asked me if they came out and reach the kid.
I was like yeah literally,
(cray?) had to reach the kid.

But now I am turned up for the gospel,
I know you've heard of the apostle.
So welcome to the 2013???

Y'all just imposters.
God we got this.
Flowing so high you think I was???.

I know you feel the fire,
It's music that takes you higher.
And higher.
And I want to take you to the next level,
You don't like it.
Bet you won't fight me though.

We don't care,
We are here to punch you in the face!!
We don't care,
We're here to punch you in the face!!

They used to say FUR?? not enough doctrine,
Ninja Please social club gettin it poppin.(uh huh)
In the hood where they don't give you no options(uh huh)
You live or you die
The streets once you till you owe 'em up high.
The industry,
Prime example of shiesty.
2 years been killing them,
Sell-out tours more than likely
My brother Marty said FUR? you a boss,
But in spiritual ranks!
How you leading all them youngins to Him.
No pressure,
I just know that he watching.
So I stay locked in,
I'm ill.
Any circle you have me in.
Secular Christian brother,
I'm a flip it, smother.
Any single track you kids discover
Deals on the table but
I'm not surprised.

Outside the box, Firm.
My God's alive.
And I'm as live as I've ever been.
Cuz I'm Christian...
Just like my president.

You ain't really trying to rock with this bad girl
Good city made me I put us on the map girls
Do you still think my spot was the opening act girl
You better get ready
Cuz I'm bad girls!
Bang bang boogie I'm a beast in the booth
Im 5 Records deep
That's what I call proof
Call my man Q and let him know I got the juice
With a steroid flow
On this beat I'm busting loose
And they don't really want it
They stuntin like they own it
They'd rather hate on my skill
And make me their opponent
Think I won't get open
But I'm your hope in motion
Shout out to Pedro
Cuz we changing the oceans
The new wave of promoting
This gospel we quoting

I'm on the front lines

Punchlines in the holster
You know the shorty here
I'm butter but mocha
The new face of the game
Like Johnny Travolta.


Good city deeper than we ever been
We bringing the medicine
And we roll in this deep
So they afraid to let us in
Riding in on elephants
Making rappers minced meat
Exposing their insides
And leaving their skeletons
I'm steady Eddie on the track how I bring it back
To the basics like chucks and asics
Flows are colorful
My god is wonderful
Feel the poetry in your chest
And get a stomach full
Yeah this life is a movie
This here's the cast

Bright lights and Jacuzzis
Rich but not rich
Just a weird type of bougie
Got the youngins locked down like Juve
So silly the game just got illy
Needed some TLC but not Chili
Gawvi's bass is leaving the blocks dizzy
And we all got the will and we got jiggy

Let me take a stab at it
Feel like I'm trying to win a race and I'm asthmatic
This beat got me feeling like a crack addict
My receipts got me feeling like I'm back at it
Yeah we the body
Check the apparatus
Thoughts out of this world

I'm in my own Stratus-
I never fear corn see I eat salad
Give you a head start just to keep balance
You see our king he don't see status
And we never lose
Whatever that is
You better check your ID
Next on thr ave is????

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