- Lullaby

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November 12, 2015


The traffic lights they glow
the streets outside all have turned cold
only this sweet little lullaby keep you warm and help you ride out the storm
I once was like you my
world was green my eyes were blue
I heard a sweet little lullaby
playing through now Im singing it to you
The world can kick you round
can bruise you up might even beat you down
So here's a sweet little lullaby to keep the monsters gone make sure you pass it on
The road might be long it may turn it may bend
But you can rest your mind cause you're far from the pain
Dream away (dream away)
till the morning come clear
When you wake up Ill still be here
Ill still be here
(A little lullaby for you to get you through the night, yeah)
(A little lullaby for you to make you feel alright)
(A lullaby for you, yeayeah)

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