- One Tiny Taste

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November 12, 2015


I have earth in my voice, dear, the world is my oyster and I am its pearly white smile
I have fortune and freedom and men when I need 'em
My life has charmed for a while
But when I was young and obedient and dumb
I was led to do terrible things
By the state and the church and my mother who urged me
To give up my dreams for a ring
Tiny little girl yearning for the world settled for a wedding
Tiny little groom marching to his doom never understanding
Tiny little wife, tiny little life, tiny little ending
I was building a prison
I could have been living a life
Lonely little man playing with your hand, wishing you were bolder
Secrets in a jar, fear of who you are weighing on your shoulder
Holding it inside, holding very tight, slowly growing older
You're building a prison, you could have been living a life
The world is so wide and before we have died we will pnly have one tiny taste
If you run off and hide like a wimpering child, just think of the life you could waste
Break out of your prison
It's time to start living
You've only been given one life
You've only been given one life
You've only been given one life

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