- The Blues (Live Show No. 47/2011)

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November 12, 2015


Well, I was lonely and I was blue,
thought I was born for being a fool,
didn't know anything of what life's
supposed to be,
I didn't know too much tilt the lord
gave the blues to me!

Now, I've got something,
always by my side,
heals all my worries,
relieves my pain inside,
so, there's no use in cryin',
no wonderin' 'bout the truth,
I process all my anger
by playin' the blues!

It gives me somethin',
which means a world to me,
when life's got me blind,
it pushes me up to see,
you see, I can't help myself,
I'm not beggin' for a change,
I just keep playin' that thing
in its open range!

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