- Prophetstown

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November 12, 2015


It's a sordid sort of feeling
When you learn to live with spite.
It's a desperate kind of living
When you're burning up the night.
Getting sick of all the drinking
Getting sicker every day.
Cause I can't say the things I really want to say

I remember when Chicago seemed a million miles away
I was chained by quiet longing on that Independence Day
A month across the country built in all I learned from you
I sang those thoughts away just like I always do.

It's been an age, it's been an era, it's been a lifetime.
But I'll remember every step
I'll cross my heart when we cross paths across the country
Please just remember I'm not the one who left
And I never will

All the aches and shits and quivers hurdle in with morning light
and a somber sense of longing steals my breath and grips my spine
I can feel the salty ocean suck the moisture from my skin
And I know staying here will surely do us in

And I walked on down to that lonely shoal, where my best hopes go to die
I thought I will keep you in my pen, until the ink wells all go dry
And I'll keep it like a secret every day

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