November 12, 2015


I genuflect, rather, I kneel in reverence,
in the presence of my peers, my equals. They etch
their impressions in the stone of the earth,
waiting for their time to come.
And many say that God is dead,
but it exists within our heads
and will persist long after our deaths.
Don't tell me your agenda; I have no hope for Heaven.
There is no eternal sleep.
What you make of this life will be your legacy.
I will not find my way by any chosen faith
for this is how I was raised (despite my displaced education by the Church and the State.)
But I will remember, forever, the broken and bent
perspectives of Heaven that the clergy force-fed us.
The fear of Hell will never be more real than it exists in the nightmares of a brainwashed child
Do not fear the gods, for there are plenty of monsters here on earth waiting to birth their schemes and drown us all while we dream.
Don't be afraid to take the reins of your spirit's duality.

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