November 12, 2015


Baby, so long, I'm outta here, thank you for a good time.
Lovely dear.?
Love to bring? please accept me, oh.
Love me dear, I rock steady like my jumping jack.
Even though these non-believers try to pull me down.
In my world I am the sun shining on my earth until that kingdom come.

Oh, whoa. Hold on. What's that??
Come on, it's nice to share.
A flower is a little thing that means so many things.
Open for me I can touch you without touching skin.
It's cold out side, please won't you come in, sweetheart.? number one.
Drop it like it's never been done.

Oh, whoa. Hold on.Whenever you're ready, let go.

Silent thunder and his two companions
The sound of clear water and Mist through a growth.
Met in the woods after the evening meditation
To discuss the current situation
"?" said the sound of clear water "Women and children are being slaughtered."
"What's the point in us sitting still and experiencing bliss
and expecting others to take care of all of this?"
"They destroy temples!" Added Silent Thunder.
"As I was meditating I began to wonder, when the rumours had become reality.
Our skills, I shall use, to kill, to end this insanity!"
The three monks left the temple
and after that hooked up with a guerilla commandoes specialising in unorthodox attack, no man could match these monks in hand to hand combat
they used swords instead of guns
and dressed in black outfits bound at the ankles and wrists
and moved around unseen taking out scandalous oppressors.
The old lessons the monks had learned were like haunting melodies in the distance
battle cries silenced the whispers of the scriptures.
As hate began to crowd with their existence.

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