November 12, 2015


I'll sink slowly into cement
running round the city square
I've always felt a little different
now I can breath in the anger on the dirty air
grubby beauty blocked out by streets and time
painted their slogans on the silhouette of my skyline

It is not enough to be quiet on the train back home
A change is gonna come, our country's mind can't stay this closed

Enter the decade fearing failing and our heart starts beating in time
with the white noise and the ranting and raving, their official party line
we must respond we need a fight, decide how the destitute will survive and then die

So wipe that shit-eating grin off your punchable face
these people are human beings that you'll destroy and displace
when you sit in Kirribilli House and there's no one else around do you know just to keep your job you're putting bodies in the ground
drowning refugees at sea, kiss babies screaming vote for me
I'll take you to the future via the 1950s

Were we supposed to feel hope when you said you'd stop the boats?
cause that's some fucking evil shit, politicizing killing kids, drip feeding fear into our brains, new leader clearly insane
gonna change the culture in our cultured minds
start a war with an alibi we can justify

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