- Holding Hands

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April 21, 2016


Though we struggle today,
I know we'll be together in the end.

are we worried today?
we beautify your past along the way
we wish for tomorrow to be a brighter day
we struggle along no matter what they say

why do we give up now
we must see there is nothing to give

ah haa yes the world so round
that it end up right back to you
ah haa yes the night so long
that I can't give up on my dreams

I ah haa don't know where to go
I'm starting to lost of my own

I ah haa want to carry on, as long as you're here with me now, in this world

I love how the world is so round
Cause i will end up right back to you
I love how the night so long
Cause you can be my aiding light

I love how that i have to know
no matter how far i wait

and I know i can carry on,
As long as you're here with me now
In this world

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