April 26, 2016


Being sad's so boring
I'm taking a vacation
I'm driving down to see my old friends tonight

Let's spend the week with rosy cheeks
And crush the grapes beneath our feet
And stop burrowing through old chocolate boxes
Like a heartbroken Bacchus

I miss the good old boys
They could still find joy in life to talk about

So leave that girl behind you
Or whatever it is that's got you
We've still got time for one more drink tonight

Think what the others would say
If they saw you in the bathroom, kicking the stall door
They'd say "get out of your head for a while
Jump into mine, leave it on repeat and it says:

If I'd been a parrot I'd have been a very good parrot
and if I'd be a parent I'd be my own parents
and if that's not apparent than it will be soon

I don't have any hope left but the weather is nice

If you're trying to live you have to own what you do
Jesus Christ, I wish I could talk like that
But such is my place in life

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