- In the Midnight

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November 12, 2015


In the moonlight
I was mistaken
Young hearts were breakin,
While we were apart.
I heard a crow caw,
I heard a dog bark
I saw the snow fall
And you were in my arms
I know it's me, who just could not agree
It wasn't them, who just wanted to pretend
Oh, Mama can't you see?
In the moonlight
I was mistaken
I wasn't fakin
On my quest to love you less
I tried to romance
I go out to dance, but I have no chance when it's You I love the best.
Last nite I walk alone
Tonight I want to take you home
Say, Children
I know it's me, feels rooms always bend (?)
It wasn't them, with left less innocence (?)
No Mama can't you see?
I love you...
I need you...
I got to have you.

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