- My Buddy

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September 29, 2016


My Buddy

The nights are long
since you went away
I think of you
all through the lonely days
My Buddy
My Buddy
No Body's quite so true
I miss your voice
I miss the touch of your hand
I miss the way your eyes
saw things upon the land

Old Buddy
Old Buddy
Your Buddy's missing you

They tell me that life's a book to study
With lessons to find
Well ours was written
every part you and I
But Buddies through the good days and pals if things should fall,
It's just the gray days
I miss you most of all.
Buddy old Buddy
Your Buddy sure missin you
Yes sir they say
That it must be in his plan
So I'll quack like a good boy
Say I'll understand
Good Buddy
Youry Buddy
Will always have the blues
Old Buddy
Your Buddy's missin you

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