- Copy That

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November 12, 2015


You can catch me with the possé
Riding right behind me
Everybody in no matter where the cops be
Tell my bitch that she don't need a job like {?}
Sit behind the rope feeling like Jim Ross
Only nigga that you know
In your city selling out the fucking show
Curtain closed on you nigga, just a joke
I been sitting sky high
Blunt full of fire, neck full of dry ice
It's Alumni army, copy that
Batgang in this bitch, where Ozzy at?
Biting heads off of all competition
Selling niggas game, I need all my commission

Keep it real baby, can't nobody fool me
In my own lane now I'm going full speed
Ain't alone, no I came with the full team
Ain't nobody in the way, I'm going full speed

I'm a young gunner
Can't stop, won't stop
On a mission nigga, missionary on top
Rap radio killer, it's an onslaught
Feel like I'm looking in the mirror, get your own style
You're used to them lames, won't comment on it
Know you never seen this many bottles coming
Baby I'm the man, you should know about me
Throwing ones, I can't even see the floor around me
Tell the waitress I need change
One night with me your life will never be the same
Bitch I'm just flexing and finessing
With my main chick and my two niggas Smith and Wesson

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