- Chris Brown

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June 11, 2016


I believe in luv right now
But I can't hold back, got to let it out
Got a song stuck in my head
I want to make luv on this waterbed
You give me every reason to
To think about holdin' u, touchin' u, luvn' u
Baby, yeah

U got somethin' special
I don't want to let go
Cannonball into my bed, luvn' on a waterbed

(Kevin McCall & Chris Brown)
Hope you don't get sea-sick, girl
Aqua-fina under ur body, ah
Stroking, are you wet?
(2: Chris Brown)
Like an anchor, it's going down
Me vs. u baby, lets go 12 rounds
Hold my hand, girl, I won't let you drown
Don't it feel good right nah?
I'm looking deep in your eyes
Your legs tremblin'
I'm swimming in ur body(body)
I'm your number one fan, girl
I want u mo' than anythin'


(3: Kevin McCall)
(Damn! Haha) I'll make sex like ur next breath
So I know you'll need it, u on my waterbed
But I can't tell which one lickin'
You can let it spill like wine & say no temper beat it
Sex so good, and how u screamin'
Hallelujarr, thank ya, Jesus!
Guessed the wrong pissed out, cuz it's gettin'heated
Just let ur bra slip off, ya ain't even need it
Lemme check ur pulse, make sure you're still breathin'
Cuz once we're in my waterbed, it's killin' sex, believe it!

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