November 12, 2015Fixed by wahcivic 


I've seen too many victories, to let defeat have the last word (repeat 4x's)

When I wake up in the morning, and realize that I'm, that I'm still here
That let's me know that God gave me favor, no matter what circumstances reveal
He brought me through, my pain and sorrow, reassuring I got hope for tomorrow
Defeat can't compete with mercy and grace, If i just keep faith I can win this race

When I think of his goodness and all he's done for me, dare not complain
Cause he brought me over the rugged hill, all of my heartaches and pains
Well I understand trials come to make me strong, I gotta stay in the race y'all I gotta keep pressing on
This is my testimony to you, I got victory even though I don't look like what I've been through

When I wake up in the morning
I get outta my bed
I put one foot before the other
(yaa-ee-ya-eh-eh) I count it victory yes I do
Said I count it victory yes I do
My peace of mind yaa
All of my suffering
Suffering that I went through
Through all of my struggles I'm going through yeah
Every breath that I take
Every move that I make [I count it victory
And every word that I speak
I, I count it victory
The pain that I endured
I just count it victory

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