November 27, 2015


being gay has its problems its true
but being straight has its problems to
i met this girl
and shes just great
the problem is that i am straight
you ask
how can this be
listen and you will see
shes got that style
shes got that smile
shes got the walk
shes got the talk
shes got that zing
theres just one thing
shes got a penis shes got that flare
knows what to wair
shes got that face
that girl is grace
shes got pizaz
to bad she has a penis
shes got a penis
now nobodies perfect
i must admit
say how many will the peices fit
shes got more going
the most of the dolls
woops i forgot about the balls
but shes so hip
this babes a trip
shes dissed and gay
shes got kashe
shes quite a dame
ain't it a shame
a crime thats hanus
those lips, those eyes
then big suprise
that penis
theres always some failure
always some flaw
isnt that what they call murpheys law
but male genetailia
thats where i draw the line
besides hers is bigger than mine
shes got class
shes got that sass
shes got that sheek
shes got misteek
shes cool shes hot
shes got alot
except amount of venis
its a tragedy
of where that should be
shes got a penismy lifes a mess
cause under that dress
shes got a p-e-n-i-s

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