- Cumdown

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September 13, 2016


I'm only happy when I drink
Cause then I never have to think
I'm putting acid on my tongue
And waking up a little strung
Sleeping in a parking lot
Sittin', drinkin', smokin' Pot
I'm with lovers everyday
And I never have to pay
Cause all my friends are given' me drugs
Sleep under all the rugs
And in the morning I awake
Feeling like a baby snake
I pop some pills and go to bed
Sleeping like the living dead
Watch the sunrise everyday
Hoping it will go away
You look better when you're high
Each and everyday
And then I think about my dad
And I get a little sad
And then I think about my mom
Puttin' needles in her arm
And you know I always stare
At the color of your hair
Cause then around the shore
To all my favorite liquor stores
I put some gas out-in my car
I guess we're drivin' very far
Away from all the mess
Where our lives have become stress
And if I always make you cry
You'll leave me for another guy
My head is ringing like a bell
My mind is spining can't you tell?
That I don't never want to cumdown again
I'm not coming down
I'm not coming down
I'm not coming down
Hello my friends
If I don't leave today
cause then maybe tomorrow

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