- John Locke

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November 12, 2015


The most common insecurity is our destination after our conscious fades away
The biggest factor in how one molds their existence
Is nothing more than a distraction from what is really important;
Who we are in the present
I know in my heart the life I lead now means more to this world
Than any "reward" I may receive after death
I know this to be the truth
I refuse to sacrifice the life
That I've been given in the hopes of something greater
When all I need is right in front of me
Because I believe in man, I believe in myself, and nothing else
I can't put my faith in uncertainty
While there's still no proof of validity
amongst the old familiar pages
Which to me are nothing more than fucking words
I will choose my life over faith, and I will put my trust back in myself
And then I'll be free
Together we can eliminate the worry and the fear
From the minds and hearts of our fellow man
I know in my heart who I need to be

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