- Xanax

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March 27, 2016


Ohh, ohhh Xanax baby, ohh
You should take a picture
She won't remember tomorrow what we doing tonight(doing tonight)
You should take a video on ya camera phone
And watch it when your back at home
And you're all alone
And you're thinking bout the sex we had
Cause girl that thang we had was so real

She was popping bottles
Popping pills
Never knew that shit can get so trill
She was twerking like there's tomorrow
And I got hella bands for it
Alcohol, [?], panties on the ceiling fan, oh
Cocain, nose stuffed, getting hate off the gram, oh

Telling me the finer things is all she needing
But when I leave
Do that shit to that nigga you said to me, yeah
But when I leave you'll hate to miss this
I don't think you understand, oh
And I ain't the type to be away from bitches
Plus you got a million men, oh
So love me and only me girl while im here
Hate me when im gone
So love me while im here
Make it worth holding on
You talk shit, fuck em bae
Haters hating on a different song
Im gone any minute
Will you miss me, then this is your song

Her last nigga did her wrong
Now she say she ain't looking for no love
All day she in the zone
And every night she getting so drunk
Prolly speaking for everybody who already tried with you
Yeah no love
Its too many niggas around
Im just here to tell you now
Its too much

Cause girl youre way too fine
To be mending inside
And if that nigga ain't paid
Then you wasting your time
And why he fed you lies
And [?] your mind
That i wanted you back
Cause youve been out all night

Messing with them, looking a fool
Girl what you doing with him
Fucking with lames
Turned you a 2 from a 10
Nothing gone change girl
Just no well behavior
Nothing gone save ya, ohh

Hoping those Xanax hit right where ya pain is, oh ohhh

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