November 12, 2015


I will have to run away if you will keep on pulling out each day
You seek a key I can't afford when you walk down so low
I gotta kill it so don't you worry now
Baby, my recipe is gonna kill the world
The way the devil's knocking at your door
You cannot fall
And with him you'll confront
Stroll off, it's never this dark
Now if then you'll be strong
When the devil's on the inside
Devil's on the outside
You are falling
Give me
I want a little taste, the spell is breaking me down
I wanna get knocked, this party's getting me
It's been breaking me far too long
Can you help me now? Oh, can you help me now?
Lord, lord, tell me, you'll never know
You'll never know, it tells me, remember, you're nothing good
Flee, just let me go

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