- Like Them

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July 19, 2016


Businessman is waiting for the money train to come
He cannot see the poverty and the impotence of some
The government allows it to go on for another day
Never hears any complaints

Yes, money makes the world go round, a sad and true cliché
And if you haven't got any, well, I guess you'll have to stay
Behind the rest with a gap so wide you'll never pass over
Despondent with a sense of closure

The system's rotten, has forgotten everything it said
Now it's time, watch ‘m die
Can't you see we're all like them

Civilized we call ourselves so why do we act blind
This new world is aging, dementia in its mind
Society has built protected circles for the strong
The poor are always wrong

Some elected, others neglected
We'll make history!
Can't we stand hand in hand
Bleeding red just like them

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