- Forced Entry

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November 12, 2015


Open wide
Go to rest
Wait for my words
To explain your quest

No mistake
Not a trace
Seeing that you
Won't be failing the test

Rest in peace
No remorse
Let me connect
My soul to yours
Help me survive, see that I will not fade away
You have become what I needed to reach this day
I've forced my way

Let me stay
Don't let go
Teach me the things
You will need me to know

Take your time
I will give you mine
Give me the essence
That I need to grow

Take my crime
See the sands of time

Bring me home
Shut the door
Send me a glimpse
Of the future once more

Settle down
Go to rest
Sit back, relax
Let me enter the core

I've opened the door

Send your sign
Made of hate
Knowing how long
You've made me wait

Tasteful tear
Full of fear
Nowhere to flee
Now it's all too late

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