- Snow

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November 12, 2015


Please don't let me fall into hesitation yet
Cause it's these moments when silence
starts sliding downhill quick
And I'm watching trees go flying
never digging in my heels to walk among them
And the amnesia of this traveling
begins to blur the memory of what I set out for
Snow, my contact between me and something I remember
A voice moving softly through the trees followed my people
around the Caspian Sea
And have we ever really listened
with our stiff necks and broken wisdom?
Picking berry-laden branches
And did our trade or our surrender
make us any less of pretenders?
Tell me
Break whatever's in me
that makes me dull and makes me dream
of lesser colors lesser things;
you can unzip me from the seams
Kick all the props, cut all the strings,
divert generational streams
dig out my heart and make me scream
if that is what will make me sing

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