- From the Night

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November 12, 2015Fixed by stellabrandes 


From the night
From the opposite side of the light
From the twin planet we never see
From downtown eternity

From the night
Form the empty and glittering towers
From the faces you glimpse through the glass
Form all of the dead hours

From the night
Here's a message to all of you sleeping
Every dream in your head as you lie in your bed
is worth keeping

And she said "I don't care if we ever come back
from the night"
From the night
Even though we're all scared when it's gone
In the morning you'll wake up and make up
yourself and move on

Sixty flights, sixty setting suns in my rear view
And the thousands of infinite hours since I last you
Let's be young
Let's pretend that we never will die
Let's imagine that no one is lost it's not easy
but we have to try and she said...

There's a person who looks like you
There's a person who lives like you
There's someone waiting for you and they're
from the night

Midnight out on the floor
It's 2, then 3, then 4
And then we're walking home
I want to be with you, don't want to be alone

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