- Your love

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November 12, 2015


You said I'd see you today
I know it won't come true until tomorrow
So I'll soak up this rain with my face to the sky
Cause I know there's light at the end of this tunnel
So I'll see you on the otherside
With a little patience we can grow taller than the trees
And if storms come along, we'll put a rain jacket on
And go stomping around just you and me

Oooo there's nothing like your love
No flowers, No rings, no materials compare
To the realness that I feel with you
Ooo there's nothing like your love
Nothing can compare to the realness that I feel with you

I know the days are getting long
Working hard for all your dreams
And we can't always make the time in the week for the things we wanna do, me and you
But it's ok, are you feelin me?
We'll figure it out, no matter how the sea's are
That If it's fate, then let it be -- I'll keep on rockin till I bleed
And hope for father time to hand you to me

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