- For Your Precious Love

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November 12, 2015


Your precious love, now, means more to me
Than any love, any love could ever be
For when I wanted you, oh now, I was so lonely and so blue
For that's what love, that's what love really made me do

And darling, oh, they keep saying that our love won't grow, now
But honey I wanna tell them
And I just wanna show them
How in the world do they know?

It won't be long, oh now, oh now
For as long as you're in love with me, now
I know our love will grow wider
And so deeper than any, any other sea, now

And all, all the things that I want, now
In this whole wide world is just
For you to say, for you to say
That you would be my, my girl, now

And I'm calling, I'm wanting you, I just keep wanting you, now, oh now
I'm wanting you, now, nobody but you, now, nobody but you, now

Oh, I wanna tell you just one more time
For Your Precious Love, now, oh my,
Means everything in the world to me, everything in the world to me
And I would just go wild, now, just to have you ride home with me, oh
now, now, now

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