November 12, 2015


Let's go out and grab a coffee
And reminisce about you and me
Just as long as we're together
I'm as happy as can be
Holdin' hands, takin' a walk beneath the stars so bright
Makin' each moment the next memory
Stayin' home and watchin' movies
Or stayin' up late and singing songs until 3am

Life passes by much too quickly
Let's make the most of our time together
All these little things become pages in our story
What will the next chapter be?

Ferris wheels and roller coasters
Cotton candy at the local fair
Vacations down south on an island
Summer breezes blowin' through our hair
Bodies close, slow dancin', kiss beneath the moonlight
Makin' love in the pouring rain
Building a home, raising a family
Graduations, BBQ's on long weekends

Life can be full of surprises
Just like the time that we met
Through the years so many precious moments
People and places in our lives

So let's just go out and just grab a coffee
Enjoy this moment, you and me
Everything about our life and what's come to pass
And what is yet to be, is
Written In The Stars

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