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November 12, 2015


Sent ya bitch a dick pic and now she need glasses
Turn your bitch Slick Rick right now if I flashed it
Ate a couple pills took the bud out the plastic
Flicking bogey ashes bitch I stay blasted
Microphone Cassius,
magic with the sick shit
'posed to been dead but bitch I’m still up in this bitch
Verbal herbal poison, words I contortion
Fucked a pregnant bitch, save money on her abortion
Billy Corgan
in a church playing organ
Too Short,
Hurt hope the drugs will help the pain to go away
But all these thoughts up in my head made the sane go astray
Step inside a mind that revolves around the rhyme
every time he close his eyes see visions of white lines
Dying in the arms of a blond blue eyed 20 something
Don’t know her name but the paramedics chest pumping
30 something black male OD'ed off of pills
That he wasn’t prescribed but they took his life
Let behind a daughter that doesn’t really even know him
Cause her momma thought he wouldn’t make a living off them poems
But it was a long journey on a rocky road
Had a hoody and a jacket on the bus in snow
Walking in the cold on the way to the studio
that was just a couple years ago
Dropped a couple free mixtapes on the net
And niggas tried to front like it wasn’t all that
But guess what bitch I’m coming back
Guess what bitch I’m coming back
Fool's Gold
and everything’s all gnarly
Bitches want my number just to get up in party
Came along way from extension cords in the window
Borrowing neighbors power just to plug up the Nintendo
Where the ovens never closed and stoves never off
Every winter so cold niggas sleeping wearing scarves
But I would always tell myself that it's gone get better
You know who you is,
you the greatest rapper ever
So now the pressures on 'em to prove that voice right
Some people never know they goals he know his whole life
So now his turn up fixing up to bat
Pitching singles to the label when I use to pitch crack
Never learned to rap I just always knew how
So ever since 8 I knew what I would now
When I turned 28 they like what you gone do now
And now a nigga 30 I don’t you heard me
So the last ten years I been so fucking stressed
Tears in my eyes let me get this off my chest
The thought of no success it got me chasing death
Doing all these drugs in hopes of OD’ing next,
Triple X

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