- Cups and Cups

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November 12, 2015


I got a love that brings me home; got no need to terraform
tried to guide by the stars but I took it too far--
to the river that the ancient icesheets borne
I came to with fruitflesh in my teeth; skin stuck in my front teeth
and the scales dropped off as the sun came up and I knew that I
could never go back to not knowing I was nude
in my jacket and and my pants and my boots
all my love was dammed up here to you

with my nose pressed into your hair I could smell with seven senses
danger, preservation in the air
and I got four kinds of love but the one I'm thinking of is all four
directions, here and there
and my bones cried out from sleeping on the ground,
partly in your arms from behind
you said there's an underground river that can go anywhere,
it's just where we choose to dig in and what we find
all my love was dammed up here to you
all my love was dammed up here to you

so I followed the river underground and drank it up:
cups and cups, and pocketed some
I'm always drunk, on the verge of spilling everything,
filled up like a pleurisied lung
Wash away the trail-- wonder what we left behind?
the extra cups and cups and cups
You could read me like a horse, with your legs and eyes;
I got spooked and bucked

When I'm pulling away I will say I feel you pulling away
all my love was dammed up to today

If I stayed would you stay with me right here?

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