November 12, 2015


I'm making excuses to justify my conclusions
and bypass convictions that I have.
I'm not ashamed to admit my feelings
Until it comes down to someone who counts.
I'm acting like I'm supposed to save the world,
but I just want to seem real to other people.

It's in the way that my brain tells my mouth to say something relevant
to get a laugh and feel approved.
I still imagine how often old dead trees show the wind
just to prove they have the worth.

Like how much we disregard ourselves
just to treasure someone else.

And I'm still speaking like it's possible to change.
But it's not possible to wait.
As the days and nights continue, you can see it taking shape.
It's nothing into nothing, always running in place.

So I talk to all my friends about the quicksand that I'm in
As if it'd change the way I live.
(I can't stay stuck like this forever)
There's been so many autumns since then
And many "others" that have came and went.

I'll never look at anything that we once had the same way again.
I can't stay stuck like this.
I'll never look at this the same way again.
I can't stay stuck like this forever.

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