- Heavenly Star

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November 12, 2015


I hear you whispering surrounded in silence
Blue vibration
I hear the waves singing in the distance
Pure isolation
I smile into the distance far away from you
We're in resolution
I'm Dreaming, touching, breathing side by side, yeh
Dive into the sky

*Let's get away, fly away
I found the path to paradise
Shining spiral of gold
Take my hand, find our way out

**Heavenly stars above
Just believe what's in your heart
No border between us
I can always feel you inside
Wherever we are

I see you, feel you, I'm your creation
Ever lasting affection
Life's an endless spiral going round
Yes, we are in love

Repete *
Repete **

Let's get away, fly away
I'm feeling raindrops on my face
Sun shines through the clouds yeh
Rainbow all around us

I spread my wings, fly away
The wind sweeps me off my feet
Blowing me away yeh
Trees whispering to me

I'm feeling free now

Repete *

Heavenly stars above
Just believe what's in your heart
No boarder between us
Nothing can divide us

Wherever we are...

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