- Labor in Vain

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June 7, 2016


Labor in Vain (헛수고)
More than anything/ I like you better than cigarettes/ needless to say/ I won’t be happy again/
What do you believe/ Is that your god or your puppy dog?/ I’m starting to get mad/ and fedding up with pretence/
Your eyes are closed when I am saying/ they might be opened if I betray/ love is just labor in vain/ so insane/
It’s labor in vain/ Oh, loveis just a lobor in vain/ Labor in Vain!
무엇보다도 나는 담배보다 네가 더 좋아/ 말할 필요도 없이 난 이제 다신 행복해지지 않을꺼야/
당신이 믿는건 무언가요/ 神이에요 아니면 애완견인가요/ 나는 당신의 가식에 마음이 아파요/ 내가 말할 때 당신은 눈을 감아버리는군요/
내가 배신을 해야 그들은 눈을 뜨겠죠/ 사랑은 단지 헛수고에요/ 너무들 하는군요/
헛수고에요/ 오! 사랑은 단지 헛수고일 뿐인걸요/ 헛수고말예요.

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