- Spacecrafts

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April 27, 2016Fixed by Alex430 and 1 more


I waited everyday for you and I know that this is strange,
But no I had to see it for myself, so I never go insane.
I got this voice inside my head, "Don't believe a word I say."
I remember you said if you die you'd haunt me every day.
I think I caught what you caught, a general fear and a thought
I will never live again.
I was never more than a friend.
I wish I knew everyone as well as you knew me.
We're talking of spacecrafts, we both laugh and I'm relieved.
See we've got a good thing, it's a good thing when you're with me.
If you knew me well at all, I've never felt complete
I am an empty building bound to fall and all the stories leak.
Got a Bible but I'm the only one that had a plan for me.
Left my God in confidence ‘cause I never heard him speak.
So let me say what I want then I'll go,
There's something that you ought to know
Cause I knew that you had forgot
When I think I'm alone, I am not.
I know exactly who you are.

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