- Finish Round

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April 19, 2016


My coffee was cold
By the time I awoke
That you left to let me know
I would not take alone
And the TV is on
To a channel you loathe
But the sounds of home were strong
Waking crash of pot to stove
And if you’re leaving
Take me with you
Now you say you’re wrong
But you left on a high note
How does that follow
How you’re logical
I miss your warmth and sound
I’m at the finish round
You’re at the start
And now my heart won’t let you go
I could see us old
Like it’s years ago
Nothing left but hands to hold
With our banks and dreams on loan
And the need is strong
To feel like we’re young
But the sounds of home all froze
In the crash of doors you closed
I won’t let you go
If you need me

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