November 12, 2015


now darling, go and try to make up with your mama
pick up the phone and call yourself you're papa
try to make ammense before they're dead

and brother, go and try to get your shit together
no one expects you always to be clever
whether you've done the best or worst its all you can

a father, son and some messed up folks
this blighted tree's been trimmed,
but these limbs to grow
hold on to hope

try to understand, try understand, try to understand
i ain't your man,
so go dust it off, go walk it off...

now mamma, try opening up your mouth to all these children
speak up and let some wisdom flow right through to them
well from your lips to someone ears its said, or so its said

now a father, son and some messed up folks
i think i'll get it someday, but for now i won't
hold on to hope

Well me, i, guess we should have all just stuck together
take my own advice try to get better
cause whether its the best or worst, it's all i can, oh man

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